I am Cristina and I love cooking. When I am asked about who taught me, I never know how to answer. As far as I remember I have enjoyed having a good meal. At my parent's and grandparent's, every day food was great. Since I was a young girl I learned to prepare cakes and used to look into magazines for the recipes section. However, when I got married I did not know how to cook beans or rice. Truth is that I barely could cook other thing than cakes and desserts; I only knew how to prepare Tamal de Cazuela that Yoya, my cousins' grandmother, taught me and my Nonna's ravioli. Then, my husband showed me how to prepare some every day dishes. After that, I started asking my grandmother for all her recipes. I found out that I loved to plan and prepare food and follow complicate recipes; I do not like shortcuts and are passionate about challenges. I feel disappointed when a recipe does not result well and practically I force everybody at home to try a thousand times everything I prepare. Besides cooking, I like to talk and I have always wanted to write. Since memories come through the smell and taste, here I am. This is how I came up to this point. Let us see what happens.

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